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All-natural ingredients. Always.


We take great care in selecting what does—and doesn’t—go into the foods we prepare. For instance, food already comes in wonderful colors, so we leave artificial food coloring out. That fantastic smell when you come in the door? It may be the fresh-baked bread we make every day for sandwiches. Or some of the irresistible baked goods coming out of the oven just in time for your visit. We even smoke our own bacon and leave the nitrates out (so it’s almost a health food) and our fresh, organic house-roasted coffee is always brewing!

Whether it’s making our food with all natural ingredients so the healthy is baked right in, or creating a welcoming space where you’ll instantly feel at home, or contributing to the revitalization of Danbury’s downtown, our promise is we’ll keep our focus on all the little things that add up to a healthy body, a peaceful atmosphere, and a thriving, multicultural community.